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Hochstift Osnabrück

Available to download/subscribe on Steam Workshop

Non-commercial Modification for Europa Universalis IV Video Game

Technologies: Clausewitz Scripting Engine

Production Stage: Stable Beta

Hochstift Osnabrück is a mini-mod that enhances the gameplay of the Holy Roman Empire by re-introducing the Prince-Bishopric of Osnabrück to EU4.

Abstracted out of the vanilla game as a province of the Prince-Bishopric of Münster, Osnabrück actually has quite a storied history at the heart of the reformation and was only subordinate to Münster in religious terms and not always on political ones. It deserves to be a princely state in its own right.

Designed and produced by Danny Moules

Unnamed Deception Board Game

Commercial Board/Card Game

Audience: All audiences (5-8 players)

Similar Games: Resistance, Werewolves, Poker

Funding: Open

Production Stage: Open Playtesting

Designed by Danny Moules

Battlestar Galactica Mod

Non-commercial Total Conversion Modification for Starsector Video Game

Audience: Battlestar Galactica fans, Starsector players, rogue-like gamers, sci-fi fans, and players who are every possible combination of those.

Similar Games: Starsector, X-COM: Enemy Unknown, Rogue

Technologies: Starsector Java Scripting Engine

Production Stage: Playable Alpha

The mod is a total conversion modification for the video game Starsector designed to bring a Battlestar Galactica experience to Starsector without compromising what makes Starsector great.

The primary intent is to provide a different playing experience: a strong focus on survival over power building.

The player will control a small fleet of military and civilian vehicles. They will make tough choices about what happens to the people and ships in their fleet in order to maximise their chances of surviving until they reach their objective (creating a new human colony). The fleet will be under constant pressure from the Cylon threat. That fleet will contain human factions, each with their own agendas and requirements that will need to be considered during the journey.

There will be a constant looming threat posed by the Cylons. There will be no right decisions and every choice will have a consequence. Every decision will incorporate some aspect of peril. There will be Cylon agents working within the fleet to destablise the player's authority, in addition to the clear and present danger posed by the Cylon fleets. In addition, the human factions within the fleet will act on their own if they are given too much berth and undermine the player's ability to control the destiny of the fleet.

Designed and produced by Danny Moules


Non-commercial HTML5 Grand Strategy Video Game

Audience: Strategy gamers, sci-fi fans, & existing BattleTech/MechWarrior fans

Similar Games: Masters of Orion, Gihren's Revenge, BattleTech Strategic Operations, MekHQ

Technologies: HTML5 Canvas, ES5/Javascript, Apache httpd, MariaDB, PHP 5

Production Stage: Internal Alpha

Designed and produced by Danny Moules

Unnamed Social RPG Video Game

Commercial Windows/Linux/Mac Social Roleplaying Video Game

Audience: RPG gamers, strategy gamers, and teachers

Similar Games: The Sims 3, Crusader Kings 2, Academagia

Funding: Open

Technologies: Cross-Platform C# .NET/Mono

Production Stage: Design (Post-Conceptualisation)

More details forecoming at a later date.

Designed by Danny Moules

Infinite Procedural World Map

Cross-Platform PC Video Game Engine Technical Demo

This technical demo proves a real-time, 3D-shaded, overhead map of an infinitely large world which can be delivered to a video game client or any Geospatial Information System (GIS such as Google Maps) from a central server either standalone or via a Content Delivery Network (CDN).

Features include:

  • Ability to randomly access world metadata, providing lighting-fast access to details such as height, colour, minerals, groundwater, etc for any given pixel or area in real-time.
  • Optional GPU acceleration, via OpenGL, on the server-side only, with no client-side dependencies.
  • Extremely flexible and highly-optimised bespoke CPU shader written using C#.
  • Attractive shader capabilities (both CPU and GPU accelerated) enabling cutting-edge graphics with total developer flexibility.
  • Capable of rendering different lighting conditions for different times of day, biome-specific weather conditions, etc. Possible to account for alien planets with multiple suns.
  • Flexible caching model to take advantage of different types of hardware. Adjust to suit memory, disk space, bandwidth, CPU, or GPU constraints.
  • Works seamlessly with GIS systems such as Google Maps, taking a matter of minutes to setup.
  • Rivers, reservoir, weather patterns, clouds, urban development, farmland, or anything else that can be procedural generated can be implemented.
  • Server implementation runs on Mono and client implementation can run any technology. Deploy cross-platform and deliver cross-platform.

Designed and produced by Danny Moules